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Astra wooden LED Light Strip in close-up


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  Welcome to our site!

Bedazzled is a specialist company dealing in all aspects of LED lighting for the home, business, retail and leisure markets. Our roots are firmly in the marine market especially the inland waterways where our personal experience is gained from 30 years of hiring and living onboard Narrowboats!

The latest LED devices have reached such high brightness that, in clusters, they can match the brightness levels of high output halogen lamps. LEDs are becoming the preferred standard in the decorative lighting, accent lighting and mood lighting markets!

Adding to the appeal is the extremely low power consumption of LEDs (typically one fifth of the power of halogens), extremely low heat output, low voltage, robustness and dramatically long life - typically 50,000 hours which is about seven years continuous use or over 25 years when used for 8 hours per day. Some devices are now rated at 100,000 hours which could hence last for over 40 years!

LED replacement lamps and bulbs are now available for most fittings achieving substantial savings in energy saving and maintenance costs. Replacement lamps, bulbs and light strips are available in industry standard GU10, MR11, MR16, G4, Festoon to name just a few - see our range of available types!

The low voltage LED lights are particularly suited to the leisure markets such as camping, caravans, boats and yachts etc. where the low power requirements are ideal for 12 volt or 24 volt operation.

We at Bedazzled hope you enjoy your visit to our website, please feel welcome to contact us for free friendly advice!

A couple of examples of applications for our LED strip lights are shown alongside, including a fireplace and a narrowboat interior illuminated by our Astra Light Strip!


 Example use of Astra LED Light Strips

Narrowboat interior

Photography by Dennis Kilby


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